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PCI Consulting Australia is highly experienced to assess and advise your business through your compliance journey

PCI DSS version 4.0 out now

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Our fundamentals

Reduce your PCI scope

Practical advice to limit your exposure to handling card data


No product sales, completely unbiased advice


Solutions that align with your business needs


Upfront about our approach and expected costs


Solutions tailored regardless of size or payment channels


Understanding the nature of our clients’ business is essential


We focus on collaboration for a smooth assessment process


We embed compliance into your security framework


Our core business is to assist business achieve compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

However, we are a team of security professionals and offer a range including:

We contacted PCI Consulting Australia, and from that first phone call we knew that we were going to be in good hands. The level of professionalism and knowledge demonstrated with that initial phone call made the choice easy for us to proceed with PCI Consulting Australia.

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The advice and direction given by PCI Consulting Australia has allowed us to enforce sound and relevant security policies, to mitigate risks and to ensure a level of security towards our clients in safeguarding their valuable data.

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We would not hesitate to recommend PCI Consulting Australia, and in fact have recommended their services to a number of our merchants.

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We're happy to attest that PCI Consulting Australia has been a solid partner in our PCI journey, providing advice that means something to us where needed. As assessors they have been strict but practical, and a pleasure to deal with along the way.

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Why comply?

So why should an entity bother spending money and manpower on achieving PCI DSS compliance?

Benefits of compliance:

  • Increased security levels
  • Avoid loss of reputation and public trust in case of breach
  • Avoid Card Scheme penalties for non compliance
  • Full protection from penalties if breached when PCI compliant
  • Enhanced information security reputation
  • Extra customer comfort level
  • Sales opportunity to vend ‘compliant services’

Risks of non-compliance:

  • Increased risk of data breach
  • Significant damage to reputation and public trust when systems are breached, taking off your bottom line
  • Potential for non compliance fines
  • Substantial fines imposed for any data breach
  • Loss of right to conduct business using credit/debit card for payment in a worst case scenario