A true partnership is a two-way street

Our clients embrace a philosophy of open information exchange and mutual respect for each other's expertise. Here are some testimonials from our trusted clients.

We have discussed and mulled over attaining our PCI DSS certification for many years, and each time the project was scoped, the realisation that the time and effort needed to attain the certification just seemed out of reach. Not to mention the cost and staff resources required to complete the audit.

We contacted PCI Consulting Australia, and from that first phone call we knew that we were going to be in good hands. Brent and his team of skilled professionals were able to guide us down the daunting but rewarding path of PCI DSS compliance. The level of professionalism and knowledge demonstrated with that initial phone call made the choice easy for us to proceed with PCI Consulting Australia.

Without the assistance and advice given, this process would have been difficult to say the least. The advice and direction given by PCI Consulting Australia has allowed us to enforce sound and relevant security policies, to mitigate risks and to ensure a level of security towards our clients in safeguarding their valuable data.

We have no hesitation in recommending the PCI Consulting Australia team to anyone who is considering PCI DSS compliance.

We struggled over the years to find a QSA that would understand our unique environment; or be able to add value to our security framework beyond just an external auditor. In PCI Consulting Australia we have happily found both. We're happy to attest that PCI Consulting Australia has been a solid partner in our PCI journey, providing advice that means something to us where needed. As assessors they have been strict but practical, and a pleasure to deal with along the way.

PCI Consulting Australia assisted Fat Zebra with our annual audit, focusing on the migration to PCI DSS 3 and 3.1 - following this we have only positive things to say about their services. Their staff are knowledgeable, professional and more than happy to assist with meeting new requirements where needed, and they were more than willing to work around our business as usual tasks for the duration of the audit. The understanding of the PCI DSS requirements and how to apply this to a unique environment made their services completely worth the money. We would not hesitate to recommend PCI Consulting Australia, and in fact have recommended their services to a number of our merchants.

We have contracted PCI Consulting Australia to assist with our PCI DSS Compliance program. As a charity, we have found that gaining a sense of direction as to the PCI Compliance requirements is more efficient than dedicating internal resources to interpreting and dissecting the Standard. The cost v benefit analysis to gain outside help is clearly in our favour. To date, PCI Consulting Australia has provided sound advice; strategies to mitigate risk; maintains an excellent relationship with our Acquiring Bank; and also understands the culture of a charity and works with us to achieve our compliance goals.